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How do I know what my Condo Insurance Covers

 Are you protected?

Recently, Allstate Insurance Company of Canada and Abacus Data released some research that shows many condo owners are lacking critical knowledge about their insurance coverage, which could lead to costly mistakes.

Here are some of the major findings:

  •  61 per cent of Canadian condominium (“Condo”) owners don’t know or incorrectly assume their building’s insurance will cover damage to another unit from water or fire that originated in their unit
  • 74 per cent of Canadians looking to purchase a condo in the next few years don’t know what their personal insurance cover versus what the condo corporation’s insurance should cover.
  • Only 39 per cent of condo owners and 26 per cent of condo buyers know that the belongings of a roommate or boarder are not covered under their personal condo insurance policies.
  • 21 per cent of condo owners are not aware that the condo corporation’s insurance is responsible for incidents like falling concrete and shattering glass from condominiums.

As a condo owner, there are things you can do to make sure you are protected:

  •  Ask your condo board or management company to explain what the building’s insurance policy does or does not cover.
  • Talk to your insurance agent about your policy. Being properly covered can prevent your getting stuck with the bill if your condominium’s policy falls short.
  • Remember that damage done to your car in a garage or belongings in a storage locker are covered under your personal policy and not the building’s policy so you should ensure your coverage properly protects your car and any items you have stored in your locker.
  • Right now we (COA)  are partnering with Allstate Canada to help educate Canadians about their condo insurance.   We’re running a contest to find a GTA Condo Hero – a concierge, security guard or property manager who makes a big difference to the lives of condo owners.
 You can find out more about this contest

Meet the Judges:

Why you need Condo Insurance





  • Qorum was called – the meeting can start!
  • 62 Proxies and 28 Owners in Attendance records 90
  • How many were for quorom? None the proxies eliminated quorom.
  • How many included voting? All 62 because an option for substitution and other non compliance terms were included
  • Corporation Lawyer was the Chair at the AGM cost $500 per hour
  • The Board hides behind the lawyer to look legitimate!!
  • Lawyer refuses question period before the election
  • The Board holds control of the majority 62 proxies !
  • The proxy form is in non compliance to the Condo Act
  • Owners object but Lawyer and Board ignores objection
  • The Board appoint 2 of their friends as scruitineers
  • Ballots are casted; scrutineers count proxsies behind closed doors
  • The Board announces the “New Board Member/s and moves on!!
  • How many proxy and ballot votes for each candidate!! Who knows? Only the Board, Property Management and the 2 scrutineers
  • The Board forged 62 proxies before the meeting started!!
  • 28 Owners wasted their time on the (1) single vote for Director for owner-occupied position
  • The Deceitful Board of Directors has MAJORITY VOTE & control
  • The Lawyer puts forward a motion DESTROY Ballots; of course and doesn’t answer owners about ability to view the Proxies; of course!!
  • The deceitful Board now has control to ie: manouever contracts, skim monies, hold Owners hostage from receiving Condo documents, place unjustified liens on Owners units, create havoc and spread lies and deceit for their own self gain!!
  • Owners are so afraid they will remain silent!!!!

New Construction vs Resale Condominiums

The Condo Owners Association (COA) is recognizing “Deep Concerns” in the Condo Market. It is not just about new construction or reports from Analysts, CMHC, Ontario Builders Associations etc. We have a continual ongoing problem of non disclosure of representation from Builders. There are so many Buyers who do not realize they have an occupancy period; they are forced to close occupancy without a completed unit; the Agreements are one sided to the Builders advantages; delays and undervalued price per square foot on maintenance fees at the time of sale vs the time of close create a financial issue for buyers; many buidings have deficits in the first year and although the builder clears the deficit; the owners are hit with 20% 25% increases after the first year.

…… and why on earth does Tarion only cover 1 & 2 years Warranty for an $80 Million dollar building when most of the standard (not structural) issues surface in the 4-5th year. The Condo market is slowing because the builders increased prices per square foot on new construction way beyond the price per square foot on the resale condo market. They wanted tomorrows profits for themselves and unfortunately buyers get caught up with the glamour of the building and the glass windows (which are another issue) that they purchase and hope…lets cross our fingers….that they made the right decision.

Transform Kings St for???

David Mirvish and Frank Gehry to transform King St. strip into culture and condo complex

by:  Toronto Star  Oct 1, 2012


The podium of the mega project stretches more than a block along King St. West. The development, expected to take four to seven years to construct, will sweep across six Mirvish-owned properties.

Photo courtesy Gehry International Inc./Photo courtesy Gehry International Inc.

David Mirvish and Frank Gehry are boldly planning a mega culture-and-condo complex that brings down the curtain on the Princess of Wales theatre and will transform Toronto’s Entertainment District, the Star has learned.

The complex will give Toronto two new museums, including one that showcases the sensational abstract art collection of David and Audrey Mirvish. The other museum will feature the collection of OCAD University, along with studios, seminar rooms and a hall for public lectures.

Mirvish, the king of Toronto theatre, and Gehry, the world’s most celebrated living architect, are collaborating on the visionary project. They’re working on a canvas that stretches along the north side of King Street West all the way from the corner of John, crosses Ed Mirvish Way and extends eastward for another half block to the edge of the venerable Royal Alexandra Theatre, purchased 50 years ago by David’s father, the late “Honest” Ed Mirvish.

That theatre, built in 1907, will survive, but the Princess of Wales, which opened in 1993, will be scrapped to make way for the new centre.

Call it the end of one era and the dawn of a new one.

Offering multi-level podiums with terraces and retail shops at its base, the complex will reach skyward with three dancing condo towers, over 80 stories tall — each one different — designed by Gehry in a way that comments on the fabric of the city where he grew up.

The development, expected to take four to seven years to construct, will sweep across six Mirvish-owned properties, some of which were once homes to restaurants opened by Ed Mirvish, David’s father. Those properties will all come down to make way for the new development. And while some of the buildings are designated, it is understood they are not covered with easement agreements that would prevent them being torn down.

“We see an opportunity to join our history with Frank Gehry’s history and continue our ongoing commitment to the neighbourhood,” said Mirvish, who owns two other Toronto theatres (the Ed Mirvish Theatre and the Panasonic) besides the two on King Street.

He declined to put a price tag on the complex, but it’s almost sure to be in the billion-dollar range.

The Mirvish museum (60,000 square feet) will offer free public access and house a selection of Mirvish’s more than 1,100 abstract paintings (by artists including Frank Stella, Jack Bush, Jules Olitski, David Smith and Helen Frankenthaler). For years most of these paintings — acquired in his first career as an art dealer from 1963 to 1978 — have been in storage, and are frequently lent to museums in Europe and the U.S. for special exhibitions. The Mirvish collection will be presented to the public with free admission except for special exhibitions.

Gehry, 83, is flying to Toronto from Los Angeles, where he has lived and worked for most of his career, for Monday’s official announcement of the project. Appropriately, that event will take place at the only other Gehry building in Canada — the Art Gallery of Ontario, which reopened four years ago after he reinvented it.

“We’re at a very early stage of development,” said Mirvish.

Step one will be an application to the city of Toronto for zoning approval, to be submitted immediately.

The west section of the complex has a podium with the Mirvish collection in the atrium and terraces overlooking King Street and David Pecaut Square. Soaring above the podium are two residential towers, each with a distinctive identity, rising 80 stories above the street.

“Doing a project on this scale is like docking the Queen Mary,” Gehry quipped in an interview with the Star. “It’s always precarious, because so much depends on the marketplace and world events and construction prices. It’s because of the art component that we like the project so much. I am ecstatic to be doing something near my old Toronto neighbourhood, and also to be collaborating with David. Whatever we do we want to be very special”

According to Mirvish, the project would deliver enormous benefits to the city in terms of jobs and taxes. Peter Kofman of Projectcore Inc. will take charge of the project’s development, management and construction.

As for the demise of the Princess of Wales, Mirvish said while it is a great building, the new centre will be even greater with two museums and other features. “The podium will become a major cultural destination,” he said. “The towers will not be just condos but a symbol of the city by our greatest architect.”

Frank Stella who painted the decorative theme for the Princess of Wales Theatre is working with Gehry to create new work for the public areas of the new complex, integrating art and architecture.

And most of Stella’s work from the doomed theatre will be saved and stored for possible future use. Stella will be in Toronto Monday to take part in the official announcement.

“This area was transformed 50 years ago after my father purchased the Royal Alexandra Theatre,” Mirvish said. Then that theatre was the only cultural building in the area. Today it has been joined by Roy Thomson Hall, TIFF Bell Lightbox and David Pecaut Square.

“This project will continue the theatre’s future and transform the neighbourhood again for the next 50 years,” he said. “I am proud that we can continue this legacy.”

Toronto Star

SOS cry for Condo Owners

SOS for Condo Owners

Owners had no where to turn for help

Until the Condo Owners Association

Are you struggling with Bad Board of Directors?

Do they run the own show against Government Policies and Provincial Acts.   The don’t know abide by the Condo Act, they either don’t care about it or they don’t even know it exists.

Did you know that Condo Owners have no where to go if they have problems?  Our Government has a Condo Act they don’t enforce.  A Condo Act that has no governance.  A Condo Act is written in legal terms that everyday Condo Owners have difficulty understanding. Continue reading


Where is the Accountability

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Where is the Accountability?     by Adam Sloboda With more than one million condo owners in Ontario, one would assume that something as important as the Condo Act would be taken a bit more seriously by the Government. With so many … Continue reading