The Condo Owners Association Toronto (also known as COA Toronto) is the First Chapter of the provincial Condo Owners Association Ontario (also known as COA Ontario). It has been launched under  COAOntario, the registered non-profit  association representing ALL Condo Owners in Ontario.  Toronto has many districts of the City of Toronto.  They have been divided to coordinate with the local Political Wards in order to create a presence within the community and work closely with the Councillor, MP and MPP of each respective Ward.

COA Ontario and all COA Chapters throughout the Province to include COA Toronto was formed to address the shortfalls of the Condo Act as per Bill 186 and to advocate change by creating a strong and persuasive voice in the community to all levels of Government.   The Condo Owners Association (commonly known as COA) represents all Condo Owners registered through their independent Condo Corporations.  Please take a moment and review of our site for more information on COA.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at anytime.