SOS cry for Condo Owners

SOS for Condo Owners

Owners had no where to turn for help

Until the Condo Owners Association

Are you struggling with Bad Board of Directors?

Do they run the own show against Government Policies and Provincial Acts.   The don’t know abide by the Condo Act, they either don’t care about it or they don’t even know it exists.

Did you know that Condo Owners have no where to go if they have problems?  Our Government has a Condo Act they don’t enforce.  A Condo Act that has no governance.  A Condo Act is written in legal terms that everyday Condo Owners have difficulty understanding.

Poor Seniors who can’t afford their high maintenance fees.

Owners who are being intimidated by their Board

Is your Condo Building involved in a Lawsuit?

Are your condo values now dropping because of the lawsuit?

We want to see the Bad Boards removed!!

Are you struggling with mold in your unit

Do you have children and/or pets who are affected

Are you losing money because of bad management

Are you feeling like you are hostage to the Board Decision

Is your unit having water or heat problems and no one is helping

HELP ME Build a “Voice4 Condo Owners

I dream of the Condo Owners Association that I founded in March 2010 to reach 1.5 million Condo Owners.  COA can stop problem Board of Directors by pushing for better governance and accountability within the operations of Condo Buildings.   I built COA as a Provincial Association representing all of the Cities in the Province so Condo Owners can all work together and support one another.

I hope to see COA expand Federally & Internationally because all Condo Owners face the exact same problems around the World.  Some place more than others but we are united as a Condo Community.   We have to start somewhere so COA Ontario is the beginning


For 3 Decades, I have seen every market and have experienced the downsides and the upsides.  Ihave seen and helped families through good times and the bad times of family separations, divorces, death of loved ones and the inability to afford to keep their condo/homes.

As a Realtor for over 33 years I can understand how the strength of your life can change because of your home ownership.  I have served and also continue to serve on numerous non profit volunteer organizations, amateur sports groups and government relations Chair for organized Real Estate Boards and of course 17 years on Condominium Boards.   I am very committed to my involvement and  am very dedicated to making a difference in the Condo World.

I have experienced the same problems I have identified below.

My personal experience with a very Bad Board of Directors who lied to owners.

Boards who manipulate the Condo Act and create scare tactics throughout the building to maintain and or gain control

I feel compassion for the seniors who cannot afford their rising maintenance fees.

I feel dismay for Condo Directors who have no respect for their Owners.

I am  insulted to see our Legal Profession compromise their loyalties for the sake of maintaining a Condo Corporations contract for services.

I am concerned about diminishing reserve funds and deteriorating condo buildings.

I feel compassion for Condo Owners who have no VOICE and are ostracized by their Condo Board members if they speak out.

I want to make a difference and help others.  If I can run into these type of problems I can’t even begin to understand how difficult it would be for the average Condo Owners.

All proceeds of this campaign will be donated to COA – Condo Owners Association which I founded as a non-profit Association to help Condo Owners.

Funds will be used to grow COA, create awareness and public education seminars so Condo Owners can learn and understand their rights.

Enhance and provide important educational courses for Board of Directors

Continue to develop a strong social networking and COA website for Condo Owners and the general public so they can keep in tune with anything relating to Condos.  


  • Can you help me to get the word out and make some noise about my campaign and promote COA
  • Can you twitter COA in all the different cities.
  • I hear Indiegogo share tools are amzing if that helps

Condo Owners have an Assocation 

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