Founding of COA Ontario

The Founder of COA Ontario is Linda Pinizzotto,  a 31 year Veteran Realtor; Political Action Chair involved with CREA, 2nd Vice President Real Estate Board and President of 2 Condo Board of Directors for Tridel Buildings, The Icon and Element.  Several months after Linda was elected as the President of the Trinity-Spadina Condo Owners Association she realized that a Province-wide Association to represent Condo Owners across Ontario was needed “to provide a cohesive unite voice to all levels of government.”    An Association in one local riding would not have the impact needed to review major issues of concern and seek changes to better represent the condo community.    What began with Local MPP of Trinity Spadina Rosario  Marchese who saw the need for an Association in his riding to support Condo Owners and to address the shortfalls of the Condo Act and advocate change became a province wide misison.

Under Linda’s vision and guidance, the structure for COA Ontario was created to form Chapters across the Province representing the Local Cities and Counties.  Each City or County would then have districts which run parallel with the local ridings/wards.  This concept allows the COA Committees of each district to work cohesively with the Local Councillor, MPP and MP’s of that particular riding.

COA Toronto is the 1st Chapter of COA Ontario and Trinity-Spadina is the 1st District of COA Toronto.   Trinity-Spadina has over 50,000 Condo Owners, one of the highest density of Condo Dwellers across Toronto which continues to grow with new construction high rise sites.  It is estimated that there are well over 1 Million Condo Owners in Ontario and it won’t be long before everyone is a member of COA.