Alcohol at a Party

Many times owners don’t realize the problems they could have by hosting a party in the party room and serving acolhol.  In 2006, the Supreme court of Canada had to deal with one case which caused a very serious situation   (as reported by and the implications to the condominium were dramatic. Continue reading

Condos Needs Special Sound Protection for Special Needs Individuals

Its very unfortunate that we are living in a society where “special needs” families are not being accommodated or considered in high rise condos (multi-family living environments) other than a ramp and/or handicap parking.  Special considerations need to be taken into account for proper sound and noise barriers in these properties, not only to deal with the standard noise of stereo/tv systems/loud voices etc. but also to allow special needs families to live freely with their private comforts in their own homes without worries that behaviours resulting from their disability are effecting neighbours and potentially causing hardships and disputes among neighbours.   City Council must reassess  and increase the sound proofing standards in condominiums to comply with all situations

discomforts forcing irreparable problems and dispute.

There was only one Mayoral Candidates who had the right answer on this Question?

There was only one Mayoral Candidate that came up with an answer to “will there be Municipal By-Laws in place to govern rooming house situations in condo units.

How many Candidates understand Condominiums and Condominium lifestyles? If you are a Condo Owner; think about that before going to the Polls. There has been a tremendous amount of changes in the last 12 years (since 1998 condo act revisions) and substantial construction of high rise condo buildings. Are the buildings codes being adjusted to proven problems; ie increased soundproofing measures, security and safety, warranty provisions etc. These items have to be addressed.

Toronto Waterfront

COA had a meeting with John Campbell, CEO Toronto Waterfront. We would like to hear public opinion on the revitalization of the Waterfront. Let us know if you live in one of the Condos or north of the Gardiner

Maintenance Fees

Maintenance Fees have been hit the hardest this year with the implementation of HST on operating budgets for condominiums.  Every condo in Ontario had to increase their budgets by 8% just to cover the largest Tax Grab the Province has ever implemented.

Transit system in Toronto – TTC & Go Transit

The City of Toronto is experiencing high density of traffic but not only cars.  The TTC has plans for expansion and increased streetcars/buses but is this effective to Condo Owners when there is so much construction and increased population in the downtown Toronto core.  We have reports of owners able to walk their routes faster than streetcars since they are backed up in heavy traffic situations.  On the other side; Go Transit is working to provide a new rail system – Union Station to the Georgetown corridor.  This is a huge benefit to downtown Toronto dwellers as long as the Province recognizes that we need “electric trains” and not “diesel” trains; a whole new advantage in transportation is on its way.

COA needs your suggestions on Condo Issues

Condo Owners Association, COA needs your suggestions for ongoing issues relating to Condo Owners, the  Condo Act and new improved standards on building requirements for condominiums.   There are a number of influences effecting increases on maintenance fees.  Studies COA has conducted relate to the negative impact of the HST on the operating budgets forcing condo fees to have an estimated 8% increase to cover standards costs which would generally only have had a 5% GST related tax.  There is also constant concern on Tax assessment and the increasing Tax dollars for condominium units.  When you consider that condos are being assessed the same percentages as single family dwellings and the same mill rates apply;  the question is… Is this structure acceptable to condo unit owners when you consider they have no land value attached to their unit values.

We would appreciate your blog to identify these concerns as being key issues.  COA is moving forward in your condo community with positive impacts and changes ie. the Condo Act.   There are well over 1 million condo owners in Ontario and the majority are located in Toronto.  Our united voice can make positive changes for all condo owners.